5 Tips for Shopping at a Victoria Kids Consignment Sale

Not sure what to expect at a Victoria Kids Consignment Sale? We have well over 15,000 items available for babies, children, preteens and moms. There will be toys, clothing, shoes, baby gear, books, sporting equipment and so much more!

Here are our Top 5 Tips for Successful Consignment Sale Shopping!

Make a List – Before you leave for the sale, check to see what you already have. This will not only save you time, but will point you in the right direction once you get to the sale. Need some rain boots?  Head to shoes first. Are the jeans suddenly 2 inches too short? Find their clothing size on the racks & start there.

Leave the kids at home – Let’s face it, we all know it’s more efficient to shop without the kids. If you make a list of what they need, you’ll know what sizes to look for. If you do bring them along, please make sure to keep them close by. (You’ve seen the sign…Unattended Children Will Be Given A Free Puppy & An Espresso.)  They simply cannot play with or ride on the toys at the sale.

Bring your own bag – We have large blue shopping bags to use while you shop, but not to take home.

Check & double check – We are unable to accept returns, so check all items closely. We make every effort to verify items ahead of the sale at check-in, but tiny imperfections are easy to miss. If you find an item that is stained or damaged, give it to a volunteer who will remove it from the sales floor.

Take a Second Pass – You won’t want to miss the Half-Price Sale on Sunday! While every seller has the option to reduce their prices for Sunday, many items will be 50% off!  Shoppers often tell us they found new bargains they missed the day before.

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