Top 5 things YOU need to know

Top 5 things YOU need to know about a Victoria Kids Consignment Sale

  1. Victoria Kids Consignment sale is held over 3 days.  This gives you plenty of time to get in & find those great bargains!  The last day of our sale, many items will be reduced by 50%!
  2. Victoria Kids Consignment sale is ORGANIZED!  All clothing will be on hangers for easy browsing.  All toys/games/gear/etc. will be neatly displayed on tables.  No hunting or digging at our sales!
  3. Victoria Kids Consignment accepts Visa, Mastercard, Debit card and/or cash.
  4. Victoria Kids Consignment is in the virtual world.  You will be able to track your inventory from the time you drop it off until you pick it up or donate it.
  5. Victoria Kids Consignment offers the best.  We only accept and sell high-quality, new and gently-used items.  Many items are name brand!  You won’t even realize you’re shopping at a consignment sale, until you hit the checkout and realize how much you got for so little!

I look forward to working and shopping with all of you soon!

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