MyConsignment Manager is the software we use for registration, entering/managing inventory,  printing tags and selecting check-in and volunteer times. The entire process is done online and is done through a completely different website than this one!

Entering Items

  • Use the ‘Register/Log-In’ button above to access the tagging system.  Always connect to the Tagging System from VKC’s website.
  • If you choose to DISCOUNT your items, this means they will sell for half-price on Sunday.  Check the box next to discount if you wanted your items discounted.  Leave it blank if you do not want your items discounted.  Your tags will print with ‘Discount: Yes’ or ‘Discount: No’ according to your instructions.
  • If you choose to DONATE your items, this means you will NOT be returning after the sale is over to collect any unsold items. Check the box next to donate to allow your items to be donated.  Leave it blank if you want your items back.  You may choose to donate some or all of your items. Your tags will print with a ‘D’ in the bottom right corner for donate, or blank for do not donate.
  • The description field is very important! Give as much detail as possible.  We are able to search the database to find items that may become separated from tags during the sale. The more description we have, the easier it is to located separated items/tags.
  • If you leave the ‘Enter Items’ tab or are timed out of the system, all of the items at the bottom of the page will disappear. DO NOT WORRY. They are still in the database and can be accessed via the ‘Manage Inventory’ tab.
  • The ‘Manage Inventory’ tab can also be used to edit multiple items at once, delete items after a sale, or transfer items between sales.

Printing Tags

  • Tags generate in PDF format.  You can print them at home, or send to a copy/print store to have them printed.
  • Tags will print eight to a page, so print in increments of eight to save paper.
  • Use 60-67# WHITE cardstock only, which is widely available at Staples/Walmart/Superstore. The tags will go through a bit of abuse during the sale and regular paper tends to tear and bend, causing problems for the scanners.  Change the paper orientation to landscape. Use a normal or “draft” print setting only. Printouts that are too light or too heavy will keep the barcodes from scanning correctly. Check the printout after the first page of tags so you can catch any mistakes and check the quality of the barcode before you continue.
  • If you got an error when printing or your barcodes are too fuzzy/thick/dark, go to the ‘Print Items’ tab and select these items again and reprint with a lower print quality.
  • Attach with safety pins (for clothing) or clear tape for bagged items, books, toys, etc. DO NOT TAPE OVER THE BARCODE.
  • Items must be tagged using the MyConsignment Manager system. We do not accept handwritten tags.
  • Changes in price/discount/donate information CANNOT be handwritten on tags. Once the sale locks, the information in the barcode will override any information written on the tag.

Contact us with any questions or problems you encounter.  We want this process to be quick and easy for you!