VKC Clothing Hanger Requirements

If you are tempted to hit up your local dollar store & pick up a pack of these plastic hangers for the next Victoria Kids Consignment sale, I urge you not to.  Beginning with the Fall 2012 Sale, these specific hangers (and any others similar in size) will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.

Dollar Store hangers not accepted.

This might seem harsh since these hangers are very economical, but the reasons behind this request are plentiful.  To name a few:

  • They do not fit on the hanging bar without a great deal of effort
  • They do not slide on the hanging bar, making shopping very difficult
  • The clothes slip off very easily and clothes on the floor do not get looked at or sold


It is requested that all clothing be hung on adult-size, wire hangers only.  As the sales grow bigger and bigger, adult-size, wire hangers will become a requirement.  So head out to the dollar store and pick up a few packs of wire hangers, IF you are unable to get them from your local dry cleaner.


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