Spring/Summer Sale Locks At Noon Today

Victoria Kids Consignment – Thursday April 14th, 2011 – Tagging System LOCKS AT NOON TODAY!

Good Morning everyone!  Are you ready for the BIG sale tomorrow?!

This is another quick reminder for our consignors that the system will lock at noon today.  Once the sale locks, you can print tags for items you’ve already entered, but you will NOT be able to enter new items!

Try your best to not wait until just before your check-in to print tags.  That will most certainly be when your printer runs out of ink or your computer crashes!

Click here to review the Check-In Process page of our website.  Give it a quick read before your check-in time tomorrow.

The Volunteer and Check-in schedules will also lock at noon today.  You will need to call me at 250-514-4080 or email me at VKCsale@gmail.com to change your volunteer shift or check-in time.

Hope everyone can get out and enjoy the sunshine today!


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